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Using EVideos in Instruction: Films on Demand

About Films on Demand

Films on Demand is a comprehensive collection of high-quality educational videos licensed from a long established educational media distributor (Films for the Humanities and Sciences).  Other content providers for Films on Demand include Davidson Films, California Newsreel, PBS and many more.  Over 15,000 videos cover a wide range of topics organized into broad subjects. Individual segments subdivide each video into discrete shorter units.

The interface allows searching by title, by keywords in segments, browsing titles alphabetically, and browsing or searching within the subject area. Most of the titles in the collection have closed-captioning and many have interactive transcripts.  Use the Advanced Search function to limit search results to titles with closed-captioning and transcript

Using Films on Demand

Ensure Scholarly Engagement and Workplace Readiness with Films On Demand Webinar.

More recorded trainings available here.


Create a personal account. A personal account is not required to search Films on Demand or share videos. However, with a personal account, you can create playlists, folders, custom segments, and more. 

Browse for content. Instructions on how to find videos based on subject, producer, and more.

Build a playlist. How to create a playlist of content from Films on Demand.

Embed content in Blackboard. Use Blackboard Building Block to embed videos from Films on Demand.

Add your own videos to a playlist. Include your video instruction to a playlist on Films on Demand.

Create a quiz. Instructions on creating a video quiz for students to complete after watching.

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