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Library Instruction: About Information Literacy

This guide provides assistance for faculty members who want to include library research tools in their courses.

What is the Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education?




This year we continuing our work to integrate the Association of College & Research Libraries Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education into our instruction program and our work with faculty.

The Framework is organized around six frames, each consisting of a concept central to information literacy and anchored in threshold concepts, which are those ideas in any discipline that are essential portals to ways of thinking and practicing in that discipline.  Rather than a linear set of skills and search techniques, each frame prompts questions about what learners will need to know, experience, and do to demonstrate their increased understanding as they progress from novice to expert in the scholarly journey and as information literate individuals.[1]

This is a new and exciting way of approaching our instruction for your students, and we would like to work with you to bring this new approach into your classroom. 

[1] ACRL (2015). Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education. Chicago, ACRL.



Frameworks for Information Literacy in Higher Education Big Questions


Information Literacy Frames and Big Questions

Information Literacy Frames and Sample Learning Outcomes

Information Literacy Frames and Sample Learning Outcomes


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