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Tulsa Race Massacre 100th Anniversary: The Greenwood District

This guide serves as a digital exhibit, honoring the 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre and sharing the history of the event.

Greenwood before the Massacre

The Greenwood District of Tulsa was one of more than 50 all Black settlements in Oklahoma formed after emancipation in 1865. Since Tulsa was rigidly segregated, the neighborhood developed into it’s own nationally renown Black entrepreneurial center. Greenwood Ave, known as Black Wall Street, became a hub for Black-owned business and a cultural center for the people of the District. Unfortunately, fear and jealousy developed amongst white Tulsans over the success of Greenwood. This animosity culminated in the attack on Greenwood that would be the worst race massacre in American history.

For more about the historical Greenwood District, see:

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