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Biology and Environmental Sciences: Books - Biology

This collection of books, websites, databases, tutorials, and other physical and virtual resources is designed for those interested in researching literature in the biological and environmental sciences.

Titles in Biology

Listed below is a sample of some of our biology e-books and hard copy found in the library book collection.  Browse the library shelves in the call number areas listed below to find more books like these:

Book Resources

Call Numbers

Check the call number sections below in the library book collection - this is where you will find most of our biosciences literature:

    Q -   Science (General)   

      QD -     Chemistry                           

      QH -     Natural History - Biology

      QK -      Botany

      QL-      Zoology

      QR  -    Microbiology

   S  -    Agriculture (General)

      SB  -     Plant Culture

      SD -      Forestry


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