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Business: Scholarly Articles

This guide will introduce you to resources that will help you to conduct research on topics related to business, economics, and marketing.

Searching Tips

Searching databases is easy to do!

1.  A keyword search is similar to that which you would use in Google. Keep it short, don't use sentences, and feel free to use Boolean operators for more specific searches. Boolean operators include AND, OR,  NOT.  

2.  Most databases also allow you to do a subject search. Generally, along the left hand side there is an option to select subjects that are relevant to your topic of interest. You see these after you run a keyword search. You know how a hashtag works? The subjects specific are just like hashtags! Select one or a few to specify what kinds of articles you need.

3.  Specifying how recently you would like the retrieved articles to be published is another way to narrow down the retrieval results.

4.  By selecting "Full Text" you will limit your search to articles you are able to read immediately.

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