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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (Mobile): Books

A mobile-friendly version of our guide with resources to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Fiction eBooks

Rosebud and Other Stories

Yokohama, California

When I Grow Up I Want to be a List of Further Possibilities

When a Lawyer Falls in Love

Ticket to Minto: Stories of India and America

Thousand Star Hotel

The Republics

The Epic Crush of Genie Lo

The Bread of Salt and Other Stories

Scent of Apples: A Collection of Stories


Phoenix Eyes

Paper Bullets: A Fictional Autobiography

Out of the Dust: New and Selected Poems

American Knees

Little Anodynes: Poems

No-No Boy

I Hotel

Eat Everything Before You Die

Dust of Eden

Nonfiction eBooks

Negotiating Ethnicity: Second-Generation South Asians Traverse a Transnational World

America is in the Heart: A Personal History

Desert Exile: The Uprooting of a Japanese American Family

After Camp: Portraits in Midcentury Japanese American Life and Politics

Ancestry of Experience: A Journey into Hawaiian Way of Knowing

Common Ground: The Japanese American National Museum and the Culture of Collaborations

Diversity in Diaspora: Hmong Americans in the Twenty-First Century

Yellow Power, Yellow Soul

Emerging Voices: Experiences of Underrepresented Asian Americans

I Respectfully Dissent: A Biography of Edward H. Nakamura

In Pursuit of Gold: Chinese American Miners and Merchants in the American West

Islanders in the Empire

Imprisoned Apart: The World War II Correspondence of an Issei Couple

In Defense of Justice: Joseph Kurihara and the Japanese American Struggle for Equality

Pacific Citizens : Larry and Guyo Tajiri and Japanese American Journalism in the World War II ERA

Second-Generation Korean Americans: The Struggle for Full Inclusion

A Shark Going Inland Is My Chief: The Island Civilization of Ancient Hawai'i

Writing from These Roots: Literacy in a Hmong-American Community

Begin Here: Reading Asian North American Autobiographies of Childhood

Suburban Sahibs: Three Immigrant Families and Their Passage from India to America

Asian Americans in Dixie: Race and Migration in the South

Growing up Brown: Memoirs of a Filipino American

Virtual Homelands: Indian Immigrants and Online Cultures in the United States

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