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ED 109 Hot Topics in Education Multimodal Research Paper: Home

Research Tips...

Merely defining your research project is the first of two "hard parts" to the research process.  The second is researching your topic.  Be sure to allow plenty of time to do that.  Writing is often easier than researching.  Oh, and be sure to choose a topic that you are sincerely interested in learning more about.  It makes the assignment less taxing!

Listed below is the point-by-point outline provided by your instructor for the content of your paper followed by library resources and alternative key words you can use to search your topic.  The listing below is by no means exhaustive, simply suggestions...


1. What is the issue?  Controversy?      Resources:  Education databases (Find Articles page)

Keywords:  controversy, debate, opinion, editorial, argument, contention, dispute, discussion, ...  (use to find more!)

2.  Why is this issue significant (important and relevant)?

Keywords:  significant, significance (or use significan* to retrieve both words), relevant, relevance, important, importance, implication...

3. What historical precedents formed the basis for this issue? Resources: the education databases on the "Finding Articles" tab

Keywords:  timeline, historical, history, chronology, precedents, timetable...

4.  What is the core of the argument, the pros and cons?  Resources: use the databases listed on the "Find Articles' page.

Keywords: see terms suggested above, question 1.

5.  What is the current state of the issue?  Resources:  use the education databases time limit function to focus on current information only.  Newspapers (LexisNexis database) and credible web sites are good sources for the most recent information.

Keywords:  trend* (to include "trends" or "trending"), current* (to include "currently"), presently, at present...

6. How does this issue impact the educative process?  7. How does this issue impact students?    Resources: databases page and professional association web sites.

Keywords:  impact, agree, disagree, affect, influence...; education, educative process, teaching, instruction, students, curriculum...

8. What are the possible solutions /  results of reforms?

Keywords:  solution, resolution, results, outcome, end result, end product, consequence, reform, ...

9.  In your opinion, what needs to happen in education to address this issue?  This is your personal reflection piece based on the readings you did to answer the questions above.

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