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Religion and Theology

This guide will help you conduct research on topics related to religion and theology.

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Jessica Burkhardt
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Trexler Library contains numerous encyclopedias specific to religion. These will provide excellent background material for you on many different topics related to religion. Entries in these encyclopedias often include a list of resources for further reading as well, making encyclopdia articles one of the best places to begin your research.

Listed below is a selection of Trexler Library's encyclopedias covering topics related to religion. Please ask a librarian for assistance if your topic is not included here.  We have additional encyclopedias on a number of topics within the discipline.


Bible dictionaries provide not only definitions of terms, but also information on the people and places of the Bible. Entry length varies, so be sure to check several different Bible dictionaries for your topic(s). Listed below are just a few of the many Bible dictionaries included in the Trexler Library reference collection.