1st Year Information Guide

This purpose of this guide is to serve as a central location for all the information most important to you as a student on the DeSales campus. Here you have links to social, health, academic, professional, historical, geographic & scheduling information.


Welcome first year DeSales students!  This information guide is prepared and maintained by the librarians in the DeSales University Trexler Library.  It is designed to serve as a gateway to the various offices and services available to you on the DeSales University campus.  Following are a few links that will help you find quick answers to frequently asked questions.

  • If you need some quick help finishing an assignment, contact a librarian via the Research Help link in the left hand column. 
  • Do you want to get a quick bite to eat?  Check out the Dining Services link to learn the hours of service at the eateries on campus. 
  • Meet our Academic Services staff by clicking on any of the blue tabs across the top of this page. Each page contains introductory information about the office as well as a link to their home page. 
  • We have wonderful walking paths and wide open spaces to meet and to play.  Check the campus map for a view of the buildings and grounds.   
  • Do you feel like playing a game of disc golf?  Check out the Disc Golf at DeSales web page for a printable course map and scorecard. 
  • Maybe fitness is your thing.  Check out the Recreation & Fitness Center hours or give Michele a call at x1211.  Or check out the Bulldog Scoreboard to get the latest on our athletic team schedules.
  • Call the Theatre for a schedule of shows, or for tickets - x1276, or check the Act 1 Productions web page for a review of current performances.
  • Consult the Desales News & Events page for the Athletics Calendar, the Events Calendar, and more. 
  • Do you want to know if the Campus Bookstore has the book you need?  You don't need to call and you don't need to go there.  Link!
  • The Campus Life Page provides a description of services provided at the Counseling Center, the Health Center and the ARC (Academic Resource Center) - definitely worth looking into!
  • If emergency care is something that interests you, be sure to consider joining the DeSales EMS team.
  • Do  you have questions about your financial aid?  Contact the OFA (Office of Financial Aid) to have your questions answered

Is there something else you would like to see listed here?  Let us know!  This page is a work in progress.

Meet the Librarians

    Debbie       Debbie Malone
Library Director
(610)282-1100 ext. 1262
    Loretta       Loretta Ulincy
Public Services Librarian
(610)282-1100 ext. 1346
    Michele       Michele Mrazik
Public Services Librarian
(610)282-1100 ext. 1612
    Lynne       Lynne Kvinnesland
Public Services Librarian
(610)282-1100 ext. 1443

Important Phone Numbers

University Police - ext. 1514

EMS - 911

Health Center - 1221

HELP Line / Technical Support (IT, RESNET, Telephone, A-V, Facilities) - 4357

Where are the Computers?

There are several places on campus that have computers available for your use. There are two computer classrooms in Trexler Library, the Trexler Technology Center (TTC) and the PCII lab, both on the second floor. Occasionally these labs are reserved for classes, so please consult the weekly schedule posted on the wall just outside the labs for availability. Also located in the library are two open computer banks, one in the reference area on the first floor, and the other on the second floor by the Kerr Collection.  

In Dooling Hall there is a computer lab in the basement and 4 computer stations in the Career Services Office on the first floor.

In McShea, the Residence Life Office and Cafe McShea, both on the first floor and adjacent to each other, have computers for public use.

Finally, there are several computers available in the DUC fireplace lounge.

Printers are available in all locations except Cafe McShea and the DUC.

Trexler Library Hours

Monday - Thursday        7:30 a.m. -- 1:00 a.m.

Friday                              7:30 a.m. --  9:00 p.m.

Saturday                          9:00 a.m. --  5:00 p.m.

Sunday                             Noon  -- 1:00 a.m.


Be sure to check the library web page for changes to our regular hours.  Hours will change over holidays, summer break, semester break, and during exam weeks.





Transitioning to College - This cool series of videos from Kent State University is a friendly introduction to the lifestyle and study habit changes you will encounter as a college student.  Try some of the other blue-tabbed pages on this site for tips on surviving the challenges of college life, and some suggestions that will help you as you adjust to this new lifestyle. Take a look!

Important Library Telephone Numbers

Here's a list of important telephone numbers.  Use these to contact your library staff:

Circulation Desk - x1266

Reference - x1395

Interlibrary Loan - x1257

Library Director, Humanities and Philosophy & Theology Liaison (Debbie) - x1253

Performing & Fine Arts Liaison (Michele) - x1612

Social Sciences Liaison (Lynne) - x1443

BioSciences Liaison (Loretta) - x1346

(For individuals calling from off-campus you need to first dial: 610-282-1100 followed by the extension)

Self Help Books

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Organizing Your Life - Do you need a few tips on organizing your files, your room, your closet and drawers?  Want some advice on eliminating clutter?  What about getting stuff done?  Or people involved?  Do excuses keep you from accomplishing your tasks?  There is advice here on all these issues and more.  So why not get started now on finding a solution?

Think or Sink - "It is not your circumstances that are to blame for the issues in your life.  Rather, it is your response to those issues that are the problem.  This book shows you how to control your response to life's issues so that they lead to powerful results.  Your response is always a choice..."