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Open Access

Budapest Open Access Initiative

BOAI 10 Recommendations

Budapest Open Access Initiative1. On policy

1.1. Every institution of higher education should have a policy assuring that peer-reviewed versions of all future scholarly articles by faculty members are deposited in the institution’s designated repository.

  • Deposits should be made as early as possible, ideally at the time of acceptance, and no later than the date of formal publication.

  • University policies should respect faculty freedom to submit new work to the journals of their choice.

  • University policies should encourage but not require publication in OA journals, and should help faculty understand the difference between depositing in an OA repository and publishing in an OA journal.

  • When possible, university policies should be adopted by faculty vote, should require immediate OA, and should welcome repository deposits even when not required (e.g. datasets, conference presentations, books or book chapters, work published before the policy's adoption, and so on).

  • When publishers will not allow OA on the university’s preferred terms, we recommend either of two courses. The policy may require dark or non-OA deposit in the institutional repository until permission for OA can be obtained. Or the policy may grant the institution a nonexclusive right to make future faculty research articles OA through the institutional repository (with or without the option for faculty to waive this grant of rights for any given publication).

Publisher OA Policies

Policy Drafting Guidelines

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