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Open Access

Open Access Publishing

Open Access journals are more discoverable by scholars and the public than their non-OA counterparts. This increases the likelihood that others will find your material thus aiding in the wider dissemination of the work and the potential impact of the article. It is estimated that there is an increase in article citation between 17% and 250% with downloads of Open Access articles double that of their non-OA counterparts. (“The Antaeus column: does the “open access” advantage exist? A librarian's perspective”).

Who in my field is choosing to publish their work as open access?

  • Ask around at your next conference and look for repository links in their slides.

  • Search for colleagues on their own institutional repositories. It is normal to be able to search by author or department.

  • Use Google Scholar By doing a keyword search you can identify relevant papers or people and then select the 'all (number) versions' link next to the article. By scanning the locations you can locate copies in repositories and on personal web pages.

  •  Waltham, M. (2010). The Future of scholarly publishing among social science and humanities associations:  Report on a study funded by a planning grant from the Andrew F. Mellon Foundation. Journal of Scholarly Publishing, 41(3), 257- 324

  • Straumsheim, C. 1/6/14. Arguments over Open Access. Inside Higher Education at

Resources for Publishing

Publishing with Open Access

Other publishing opportunities in an academic environment.

Does it matter where you publish?

Assessing open access journals

2013 List of Predatory Publishers - updated yearly. Become familiar with the world of predatory open access, which depends on spammish solicitation to convince researchers to contribute an article processing fee in exchange for ....unedited dumping into their "journal". Sometimes the incentive is that many quality peer review journals charge $1300-$3000 for an APC, while these predators charge $300-$1000, seeming like a bargain.

Some approaches to answering the key question for assessing the quality of any academic journal by Heather Morrison, March 6, 2011

The smart scholar’s publication-venue heuristics; or, how to use open access to advance your career - Oct 22 2010 Published by Dorothea Salo under Open Access

The effect of open access and downloads ('hits') on citation impact: a bibliography of studies - The Open Citation Project

Gargouri Y, Hajjem C, Larivière V, Gingras Y, Carr L, et al. 2010 Self-Selected or Mandated, Open Access Increases Citation Impact for Higher Quality Research. PLoS ONE 5(10): e13636. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0013636

Citation Research 

How to assess new open access journals

Journals that allow deposit of the publisher pdf in IRs.

How do you know a journal is legitimate?

The Dark Side of Open Access

Explaining OA journals with the language of math

New models of scholarly publishing - faculty

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