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This web guide contains a reviewed collection of chemistry resources in a variety of formats for the student, faculty, staff and researcher interested in the field of chemistry.

Professional Organizations

American Chemical Society -- Begin your search for high-quality chemistry information here with one of the best known or Chemistry organizations.

ASPET -- American Society for Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics, represents pharmacologists worldwide.  The Society promotes research funding, holds scientific meetings, publishes scientific journals, and provides a number of services to its members.

American Chemistry Council -- The ACC website, called American Chemistry, is a resource for council information, chemical statistics and economy facts, with pages focusing on environment, health, water, and more. 

Royal Society of Chemistry -- the worlds leading chemistry community, here is listed news, events, educational opportunities, membership information, resources, tools, databases - descriptions and at least one free one,  books (including the Merck Index) and journals.


Interactive Chemistry - at Serendip Studio, a digital ecosystem fueled by serendipity!  This site is founded and supported by Bryn Mawr College with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute..

* Periodic Table of Videos - "The University of Nottingham, in England, has put a high-tech twist on the periodic table, creating a clickable version that points to short YouTube clips about each element. It features 118 videos, each about 2 minutes long. Scientists perform experiments with the elements or describe unusual properties of each one." ( ;  August 22, 2008)

* Virtual Chemistry and Simulations - this page contains a dozen links to chemistry lesson video collections. A work of the American Chemical Society.

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare - Lecture notes, video lectures, and other free resources for learning college-level chemistry from the Massachusettes Institute of Technology.Contains access to both undergratuate & graduate courses.  Occasionally assignments and solutions are also available.

Students with a documented disability who require alternative format media may contact Disability Services (Dooling Hall, Room B19,, or x1239)