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This guide provides tips on what constitutes plagiarism as well as tutorials and tips on methods to improve your research skills.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism includes

  • Copying the ideas, and/or speculations, and/or language of any other person or persons, without acknowledgement
  • Presenting other's ideas (including unique and distinctive terminology) as one's own original work
  • When a person disguises the language of another person or persons by altering the formal elements of the original (e.g., diction, syntax, grammar, punctuation) and submitting it as his or her own, without acknowledgement

Plagiarism will be considered to have occurred regardless of the person's intent to deceive.


Exploring Academic Integrity 

This comprehensive tutorial from Claremont College Library covers:

  • The Scholarly Conversation
  • Attribution and Citation
  • Academic Honesty (Plagiarism)
  • Copyright and Fair Use as it relates to Academic Integrity