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Sports Management


This guide was created for  your sports management research needs.  If you have a question about library services, please email us at  We will respond to your question within 24 hours. 

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Research Assistance

Research takes time. To help you save time with this process, please consider using Trexler Library's Reference Research Assistance. Reference Research Assistance is where you can meet with a librarian who will help you with your research needs. We can help you locate reference books, use the online catalog, databases and other electronic databases as well as with outlines and work cited pages. Make an appointment today Research  Assistance Program or call 610-282-1100 ext.1612. 

Library of Congress Classification System

Begin your research in the Trexler Library Collection.  The call letter prefix below will direct you to where in the collection both (general and reference) you can find materials in your given topic.

GV - Recreation, Leisure